Adam "Pluto" Cash
I fight for freedom of the Galaxy!And no one can stop me! -Pluto
The Emperor of Deaths
Leader of the Rebellion
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Hades Wrath(Katana)
Status Alive,20
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver
Height 6'5
Group Shadow Rebellion
Missions Many

Pluto [[|-member of Shadow Rebellion]]
-Emperor of Death

 – 05:21, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

Join my cause and free this galaxy from the Evil that has it's grasp!


Born on Pluto in 2085.As a Child he saw the entire war happen right in front of him as Pluto was a long known Battle zone.His Dad and Mother both died when they joined the Militia and he was an Orphan hiding from the terrors of War.He ran all around Pluto trying to hide from the war but he couldn't find an area where the war wasn't already going and he saw many people die every day and he just couldn't get away from it.He eventually snuck aboard a Cargo ship and was able to get out of Pluto and he went to Earth.He spent his entire life there and he realized that he could communicate with dead people and able to summon there spirits back to the living world.He used this to his advantage and tried to summon his parents.He couldn't do it because something was blocking the signal...or his power wasn't strong enough yet.Eventually one night he recieved a letter with the words "WE KNOW" on it followed by an address.He went to the address only to find a common apartment.But he went inside to look further into it and saw an empty house.He found a door in the back room the said "Welcome Brother".As he entered he found a long walkway that led underground.He followed a bit down and eventually came out of a Cave and saw a Dojo.He was excepted when he showed them the letter and he was taught to fight and use his powers better.He eventually recieved a Sword called Hades Wrath which took the Spirit of his slain enemies and made him more powerful.He grew enought power to eventually let his cause be known:To kill everyone that is "unclean and evil".He quickly gained many members and right on time the Second War started and he led his Rebellion right in the middle of it.He is currently trying to justify his cause and win the war.


Is a very serious guy and strict ruler not favoring any of his men more than the other.He seems to be quick to make descisions and will kill anyone who stands in his way.


He used to look completely different with Brown hair and Blue eyes but all the power he has gained changed his appearance to Silver Hair and Red eyes.