Adrian Lars
Older adrian
"Ah yes you think you are smarter than me? Okay what is 2500 times 215 divided by 12 times 312 divided by 257 times 567. Thats what I thought. By the way, the answer is 1284666.8287937743190661478599222, Goodbye!"


Head of Lars Laboratories
Head Scientist of the League of Protectors
Mayor and Founder of Protectors Plaza
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons His Mind
Status Alive, presumed to be around thirty-five
Eye Color Brown with 1's and 0's running through them
Hair Color Orange
Height Six foot four
Group League of Protectors
Missions Many


Adrian Lars was born to Scott and Ulysa Lars in the Andromeda Galaxy, where years were not taken count of. Because of the chemicals in the Andromeda Galaxy, like all Andromedeans his brain worked seventy times faster than a human in the milky way galaxy, giving him an IQ of 7000. As a child he went to Horus Grant Academy, where he learned to make machines billions of years ahead of the Earth's society in less than twelve minutes.

When Darseid attacked the Andromeda Galaxy, all Andromedeans died, all except for Adrian who escaped to the milky way galaxy with Batman inc., who were there on a mission to stop Darkseid. He was then brought to New Gotham City, where he went to Redwood Academy and learned of this universe. After he graduated in two years, Adrian joined Batman inc., where he helped Lucas Wayne develop the Roxy System.

During the Final War, Adrian provided technology to Red Bat and his troops. During his free time, he befriended Savannah Summers and Oden Styne, providing special effects for their bands music video's and stage performances. Once the war was over, Red Bat provided Adrian with Batman Inc's entire fortune to create two cities, one on Mars and the other on Earth. Though he is not well known for the creation of the Republic of Harbor, he is the mayor of Protectors Plaza, the largest colony on Mars.

He is currently presumed to be 35, and is both the mayor of Mars and one of the richest people in the solar system, using most of his money to upgrade his technology.


Adrian has long brown hair cut in a shaggy style known as a "royal andromedan cut", and is known to a business suit as he has outgrown his beloved skull jacket. His skin has paled from hours in front of a computer screen. He is also very tall.


Adrian can make any imaginable weapon within seconds with the scrap metal and tools he carries in his pockets.

Powers and abilities

Adrian's Andromedean origin gives him several unique abilities:

  • Adrian can "see the future" by simulating events in his head
  • Adrian has an amazing building ability, allowing him to create inventions beyond the human imagination
  • Adrian's eyes can see billions of details in one hundredth of a second