Black Eagle
"(To Robin) So Dick Grayson saves the world and I save the universe, but who does my sidekick get named after?"- Austin
Adoptive son of Lucas Wayne.
Austin Gene Swenson Wayne
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Has access to all Batman Inc. Weapons
Status Alive, 22
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Group LoP
Missions Many


Austin was born in a relativly good home. He had a nice dad but his mother was abusive. His dad tried to stop it but he couldn't always be there. His dad loved his mother but it went to far when he had to miss school because of a bruise. He tried to get divorced and get coustity of Austin but instead his mother stabbed him. He ran and ran and ran. He was found by Lucas and was adopted. He was trained by Lucas into a weapon but he still had emotions. He knew what is right and what is wrong. He became the Red Bird. During the war as more of his friends died he became more and more serous. But when Lucas died, Austin was the most effected. He locked himself in his room for three weeks. When he came out he was malnurished, weak, imsonac, and slowly going insane. After 2 months of rehab he was better and came back to the superhero scene. When he turned 18 he became the Black Eagle and took on his own apprentice who he later adopted.


Austin really sobered up after Lucas' death. He is serous most of the time and is like the first batman was. He knows how evil the world can be and knows he needs to cross the line sometimes. But he is also a caring to his (albiet adopted) son. He often wakes up dreaming of both his fathers deaths.


He has black hair and brown eyes. He is a large man with a runners build. His face is exprssionless most of the time and doesn't talk unless needed. He wears black most of the time and is cold unless he likes you.
Austin S


  • Explosives
  • Voice recording
  • Escirma Sticks
  • Bo Staff