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G.E.M -member of League of Protectors

Vital statistics
Title Main computer/hard drive for Protectors Palace
Gender Female
Race Android
Faction LoP
Health Unlimited
Level Very high
Status Online; 18 biological years
Location Protectors Palace


G.E.M or General Engineered Machine, was created by Lars Labratories 10 years ago, after the original programming, M-15-257-ROXY, manfunctioned and was destroyed forever. She was designed to be immortal, and updated with the latest technology (updated about every other day, and charged at night for future programming). Adrian Lars created and also designed her to have artifical intelligence so she may act and be a normal person. He also made her have mechanical arms that turn into missiles, machine guns, rifles, knives, and other various gadgets. She was uploaded to the Protector's Palace about 7 years ago, and is currently the main computer/hardd drive for them. She acts as a security and holorgram tranmitter as well. She also helps server as a 'maid' to the members of the LoP and occasionally fights off bad guys who try to come in. She is currently living there and is 18 years old biologically.

Powers and Abilities

Teleportation - G.E.M can teleport across the Palace of Protectors, but not outside of it

Shap shifting - She can only turn into her normal android self and her 'human form'.

Intelligence - She is SUPER smart. She knows everything about the pasts of the members, even some secrets that are hidden. G.E.M also knows about world history, advanced triginomitry, and currently knows over 100 languages.

Her eyes - Her eyes have heat vision, motion sensor (meaning they can track and examine someone's backgroudn and info by mearly looking at them), and can shoot lasers.

Her mechanical arms - She was designed to have arms that can turn into basically any gun or weapons (even a few kitchen machines for helping out hte maids)

Appearance Edit

G.E.M looks very human. She has very dark skin, jet-black hair, and mechanical eyes that are a crystal blue (with mechanical eye pupils that can shoot lasers and have heat vision). She wears an all white jumpsuit with lights on it and platform boots. She can turn into her 'human form', which has a stylish afro hair, normal clothes, hoop earrings, and normal brown eyes.
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G.E.M is very professional most of the time. The other %20 percent of the time she acts like a normal 18 year old (due to her artifical intelligence). She is very, very smart, having as much knowledge as her creator, Adrian Lars. Since she is an android she appears very motherly and sometimes acts as a maid towards the members of LoP.