Horus Vinem
My Father fought the beginning of this War and I am here to finish it -Horus
Legacy of General Vinem
Member of LoP
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons M8 Blaster


Plasma Sword

Status Alive,15
Eye Color Gray(Normally),Purple(When powers are in use)
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Height 6'2"
Group League of Protectors
Missions Many

Horus -member of League of Protectors

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Horus never met his mom,He hardly even knew his Dad.When he was only 8 his dad was reported KIA after a Mission in the Inner clusters.He vowed to Avenge his Father and win the war.At 13 he joined the MAF and got a good reputation being the founder's son.he went Mission after Mission trying to find the guy who killed his Father and killed thousands of Enemy units to do that.Eventually at 15 he recieved a letter from the League of Protectors saying "We are sorry for your loss and we realize you are a very skilled being when it comes to taking on enemy forces.You have proven yourself to be in the League of Protectors and we promise we will help you avenge your father by joining and winning the war".He went over to the Protectors Plaza not to far from the MAF HQ and joined.His first mission was when they found the Guy who killed his dad.A Commander in Society XVII who took General Vinm when he least expected it.After many days of the Siege he confronted the commander himself and killed him and recieved his fathers Plasma Sword(which the commander was keeping as a trophy at the time) which earned with the TAC name Avenger.He is currently a well known person throughout the Lightseid Colonies and spends his time talking and doing missions.


Although as a kid he was happy all the time and thought lif was a game after his Dad died he grew really serious and only thought about Avenging his Dad.After doing so himself on the other hand he learned it wasn't the only thing in life and has reverted to a Childish Nature but a Serious Attitude.


He himself has the ability to control plasma and shoot Plasma bolts from his hand which gives him great control over most weapons and he himself has a resistance to it being shot at him.Everytime he is hit by Plasma or fires a Plasma bolt his eyes turn a shade of purple for a short time before reverting back to Gray.Although if he keeps his powers turned on the continue to stay Purple until they are turned off.


  • He is Left Handed
  • He has a small craving for Chocolate
  • He gives no mercy to Society XVII Members
  • He wears his dad's old Uniform in battle with slight modifications.