"I am the leader of the League of Protectors, heir the the Wayne family and the sixth robin. So welcome to the team!"


Heir to the Wayne Family
Sixth Robin
Leader of the League of Protectors
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Has full access to all LoP Weaponry
Status Alive, 17
Eye Color blue
Hair Color black
Height 5 foot 2
Group League of Protectors
Missions Many


James Eliott Druids was born on May 4th, 2088 to Martha and Eric Druids on Mars. Born within the walls of Batman Inc. HQ, James was destined to become a hero. As Austin Swenson had to babysit James quite a bit when he was a child, they became very close. During the Final War when both Austin and James' parents had to go to war, Adrian took care of James and he became like an uncle to him. Some time during 2092, James' parents got killed in the war and James was left to Austin in their will. Once the war was over, Austin came back and began to train James. By the age of 12, James became the sixth robin and him and the Black Eagle founded the League of Protectors. He soon became good friends with the other members, and after extensive training became one of the greatest heroes of all time. He is currently seventeen and the head of the league of Protectors.


has shot black hair and is very muscular. When he is not wearing his casual Robin uniform (passed down from Dick Grayson) he tends to wear a blue undershirt. He is five foot four, and has slightly tanned skin.


Dual Z1 Pistols

Plasma Staff


Custom Built Z1 Plasma Blade

Plasma Knuckles