Formerly Batman Inc. HQ, Protectors Plaza is an Indoor City, and the seventh colony on Mars. Inside it lives over 200,000 people, about 10,000 of them superheroes. The main operations tower of protectors plaza is called Protectors Tower, and it is where the elite squad of heroes known as the league of protectors trains and resides. Protectors Plaza was built by Adrian Lars and Austin Swenson. It is all entirely run by an Artificial Intelligence program (Courtesy of Lars Laboratories) called M12-15-74X-RXY, aka Roxy or Roxy #3. The city has seven transport stations to all of the other planets. The entire city was created in one week, and the Budget was over 75 billion dollars.

League of Protectors MembersEdit

  • Austin Swenson
  • Richard Knapier
  • James Druids
  • Luke Karce
  • Scott Ranzer
  • Oden Styne
  • Savannah Summers
  • Lucy Cloudwind
  • Rose Kyle
  • Adrian Lars