Penelope -member of None
-Reality Warper

Pardons...but what year is this?
Penelope Watson
Steam by coleria-d48js8r
"There's the dumb way, the easy way, and then my way, the right way."

- Penelope

Master Reality Warper
Assistant and Best Friend of Shane Holmes
Master Detective
Important Information
Gender Male
Status Alive, 29
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Curly Blonde
Height 5 foot 9
Group None
Missions Unknown


Penelope Watson was born in England during 1892 to Elizabeth and John Watson III. As a child, she became extremely intelligent, having an IQ of over 100, and became quite skilled with weapons andi nventing. Thne her powers developed. She could manipulate reality, go between dimmensions and timelines in the blip of an eye. As the years went on, Penelope got much smarter and her powers got stronger. At age 9, her family was killed in a fire on their building, which deepened her determination to be a detective. When she was 15, she met a man named Shane Holmes with similar abilities, and they began a strong friendship. As the duo to jumped from reality to reality, they began to meet people from all of the demensions, including Black Bat, Agent Alaska, Batman, Spiderman and many more. She is currently 29, and has an IQ of almost 900.


Penelope has very long curly blonde hair that reaches down her back. She has brown eyes and fair skin. Penelope is very old schooled and steampunk-y with her clothing. She loves gadgets on her dresses and wears alot of metal, bronze, and copper. She loves wears miskmatched shoes, tattered necklaces, and her signature techno goggles that have multiple lens on them. Her hair is usually styled down with loops and twirls in the back. She also carries around multiple gadgets, guns, and knvies.


Penelope is highly intelligent and skilled in combat and inventing. She loves being a detective and fighter more than anything. She is quite close with her best friend, Shane. She likes reality warping and meeting new people, but is highly suspicous with people. She isnt very trusting with anyone but shane, and likes to keep a low profile when investigating.


Shane Watson - Best Friend Partner and fellow Detective; only person to date she fully trusts.
Agent Alaska - Aquaintance Met in Happy Harbor in the year 2012
Black Bat - Aquaintance Met in Gotham City in the year 2011