Savannah Summers - Styne
Daughter of Whitney
Fire Breather
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Her fire powers
Status Alive, 31
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Group LoP
Missions Classified

Savannah -member of LoP
-Fire Breather

Hey, wats up?


Savannah's mother was one of the Seven original members. She was born four years before her sister, Kayla. Sadly, her mother died not long after Kayla was born and Savannah never knew how. Her father was devastated, and loved his daughters even more because of this. Savannah learned hieroglyfics and egyptian customs, as well as learning to play guitar and violin. Kayla preferred surfing and the hawaiian culture. When she was 7, they all moved to Brazil, then Turkey, and Israel. During their travels, Savannah picked up piano, electric guitar, and drums. When Savannah turned 14, her father told her his family has an ancestry of magical powers. His was fire, and her mother's was water. He said her sisters and hers would be opposite because of this. Later, Savannah's father finally told her that her mother had died in a nucular explosion. Her father went into a pyramid one day and never returned. Kayla was shipped off to live with her grandparents but Savannah didn't go with them. With nothing to do, Savannah relied on music as her only comfort. Years passed, and she grew to become friends with the other children of the seven, and married Oden Stein a few years later. She is currently in a band.


Fire Manipulation - Savannah has very strong fire powers. She can create fire out of thin air, but it more powerful when it is from a source. She can make images from the fire, such as videos and pictures, but mostly paintings. She can set her hair and herself on fire without her burning. She is ammune to fire. She can create fire balls.


Kayla has blonde hair and brown eyes. She likes to wear practical clothing for her age. She prefers to wear some ihppie clothing however, and always has her hair either down or in a messy ponytail.


Savannah is sweet, kind, and a bit hot headed (no punn intended). She loves being loud, going to crazy concerts, and rocking out to her favorite songs. She doesn't mind loud noises and doesn't like when its quiet. She loves music so much it is her life. Family and her past are touchy subjects, and she often never talks about them. She loves to play with her violin, baby grand piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums, even if she often burns them. She loves rollarcoasters and cotton candy, she wants to be herserlf and no one else. Overall, Savannah is fun, uplifting, loves to hang loose, and have fun!


Kayla Summers Sister Loves her and wants her to be responsible
Oden Styne Husband Fellow child of the seven, in a marriage with
Scott Ranzer Best friend Like hanging out with, fellow child of the seven
General Vinem Good friend fun to hang with, fellow child of the seven