Scottius "Scott" Ranzer
"Why hello my friends"


Son of Jack Ranzer
Part time Proffesor
Head Councilor for the LoP
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Mind
Status Alive, 35
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height Six foot eight
Group League of Protectors
Missions Many


Scott Reginald Arthur Ranzer was born to Jack and Alexis Ranzer on one of the moons of Jupiter, possibly Callisto. Before his father died, he attended Redwood Academy, where he learned to fight with skill beyond the human level. When his father died, all that was left to Scott in his will was a fur jacket with a strangle emblem on it. That night he had strange dreams of a horrid beast near the desert of The Candle on Jupiter. About a week later, after many dreams of this creature, Sott decided to travel to the desert, to search for the monster. And 32 hours later, he did. The monster was hideous, and at first Scott wanted to kill it, but then he began to feel its true emotions, and realized, it was more afraid of him than he was of it. He then realized he was talking to it, and eventually, the beast came over to him. Years later, at his new home in Pinkrose Town, Scott realized he could not only talk to this creature (who now was one of his greatest friends) but it worked on trees and animals, and even people in different worlds. As the years went on his abilities grew stronger and eventually he tracked down and befriended the children of the other members of the Wolf Pack with his powers.

When the final battle started, Scott decided that he had to fight so that their could be peace, and he entered the war. On one of his missions, he found the symbol on his Jacket on a temple. It was there that Jack learned that his father had hidden it from him, knowing that when the world was about to face its greatest danger, Scott would find it. When he touched the symbol, his powers were greatly enhanced. Once he got back from the war, he really matured, becoming less insecure and fighting when he needed to. Knowing the good his powers could do, he contacted his friend Austin Swenson and he got the job as the head Councilor for the League of Protectors. He is also still a part time proffesor at the Jack L. Ranzer University.

With the war coming to an end, and peace coming to the universe Scott finally came back home where he went to Oden and Savannah's wedding as Oden's best man. Soon after that, he worked with his new job on Mars and he and Adrian created a rainforest where he moved his home to. At the new elephants cage he does his counciling.He is currently 35.


Scott is very kind, and has matured after the war. He is no longer insecure as he was in his youth, and gets together rather well with the other children of the seven accept for Oden, as him and Scott still like to mess with eachother for the fun of it.


Savannah Good Friend They're good friends
Oden Good Friend They argue a lot, but despite that fact, they're very good friends.
Caleb Friend Misses Him